Glasgow Centre for Population Health podcast

The social crisis within the climate crisis - a lecture by Dr Gary Belkin

November 24, 2021

In this seminar, Dr Belkin explored what climate change means for population mental health, the need to redesign our mental health system, what a ‘next system’ looks like, and what we need to do get there. He showed that as the effects of environmental and climate change grow in severity, reach, frequency and mental health and social impact, so will the demands on an already over-burdened mental health system. He argued that the ‘social climate’ – emotional resilience, social ties, collective efficacy – requires consideration in the face of climate challenges to create a mental health ecosystem that can not only meet overwhelming prevention needs and illness care, but also help anchor scaled civic and collective action to do much of the work of adapting to and mitigating the climate and environmental change itself.

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