Glasgow Centre for Population Health podcast

How racism shapes our health - Lecture by Professor David Williams

June 3, 2021

This webinar brought together community members with experience of racialisation and public health leads in research, policy and service provision in Scotland, to listen and learn together in our pursuit to mainstream the understanding of racism as a fundamental cause of health inequality. 

In this seminar, Professor Williams presented the discrimination scales he has developed that measure and evidence different types of interpersonal discrimination and their negative effects on health. He also outlined the insidious effects that implicit biases, unconscious discrimination and racialised frames of reference have in creating and maintaining the deep-rooted individual, institutional and systemic racial discrimination that pertain today.

After sharing his insights, Professor Williams, together with a group of panellists chaired by Dr Ima Jackson, explored how we can begin to dismantle the racial discrimination that exists across public health institutions and systems in Scotland.

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