Glasgow Centre for Population Health podcast

#CaringEconomyNow: A Call to Action - Lecture by Dr Angela O’Hagan

December 7, 2020

Providing and receiving care and support forms part of all our lives in different ways over the lifespan. Taking a feminist economics perspective, Angela presented the findings and recommendations of the Commission on a Gender Equal Economy and discussed the gendered dimensions of the care economy, considering how care is valued and remunerated in the realities of our economic and social infrastructure.

Putting care at the core of our economic model is part of the healing from Covid-19. The pandemic has exposed the fragmented and under-resourced care infrastructure along with the extant of underlying inequalities particularly experienced by women, disabled people, and people of colour. Angela outlined how a caring economy delivers on equality, sustainability, and wellbeing, and offers a coherent approach to public investment and the allocation of public finance.

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